We fully backup core files and databases to amazon s3 with 1-click restore capability.

  • Accurate ranking results
  • Customizable reporting
  • Easy to use and to scale

Get Access To Totton College & Aptitude

  • Our WordPress speed optimization services give you access to free premium plugins like WP Rocket (a $199 value) and WP Smush Pro (a $600 value) to help you score well on Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix tests.



    Here's a look at what's included in SiteCare's WordPress backup solution:


    Backups to Remote Datacenters

    Our cloud backups transmit every change you make to your WordPress site over an encrypted connection to Amazon Web Services, the most reliable and trusted data storage platform in the


    Independent offsite backups

    Every website owner should have a regularly-scheduled external backup of their website independent of their hosting provider. Backing up your files offsite saves your server resources and ensures that you have.


    Incremental backups

    To prevent overloading your server, our WordPress backup solution is designed to take incremental backups of your site. This means that we only sync the changes that have been made since your last backup.


    Get relevant rankings tailored to your niche, segment data into insightful bits and build thorough reports that your clients will love.


    30-day backup archive

    At your request, we can restore any backups taken of your site within the past 30 days.


    Hourly & real-time backups available

    Hourly and real-time backups are available for sites with frequent data changes, like high-volume content publishers or eCommerce and membership sites.


    WordPress multisite backups

    Our backup solution supports backing up entire WordPress multisites in both subdomain and sub-directory configurations.


    Grow your business and extend your reach, while AWR adapts to your changing needs and team dynamics.


    WordPress Support

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    Offsite Backups

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    WordPress Maintenance

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    1. You Sell Our Plans

    You sign your clients up for a Maintain Plan, Perform Plan or Perform Plan Pro. You can offer everything that's included in any WeCareWP plan to match your client needs. Even add pricing to your own website.

    2. We'll Handle The Rest

    You create an email address for our help desk so we can provide edits for your clients. The best part - they'll never hear about WeCareWP. All changes will be performed as if they're coming from your team.

    3. Everybody Wins

    You get all the credit from your client, we take care of website speed, security, maintenance and white-labeled weekly reporting (with your company or personal logo) and your clients are delighted. It's a win-win-win.

    Partner Hub Access

    We give you access to free speed and security eBooks to promote your care plans as well as our entire email automation that you can send to your new clients. It's all included in our White-Label Partner Hub!

    Preferred Pricing

    When you sign up starting with 2 + care plans, you pay $197.00 $157.60/mo for our Perform Plan, $147.00 $117.60/mo for our Protect Plan and $67.00 $53.60/mo for our Maintain Plan!

    Premium Plugins

    When you white-label our care plans, your clients will get premium plugins like iThemes Security Pro (a $297 value), WP Rocket (a $199 value) and WP Smush Pro (a $600 value). They'll get a terrific bang for their buck.

    Payments Made Easy

    Your clients pay you and you pay us. That way you maintain control over your clients and we work directly with your team.

    Charge What's Right

    Our Perform Plan Pro costs you $157.60 / month. If you sell 5 for $250 / month, you'll earn an extra $5,544 every year without lifting a finger.

    Our Personal Touch

    We help your clients make the most of their WordPress websites and have fun doing it. That means always put a smile on their faces.


    Weekly reports provide full transparency into emergency fixes, updates, uptime, backups, traffic, security, and performance.
    When you partner with us, you get it all.



    If you don’t have regularly scheduled, offsite backups taken of your site, you’re playing with fire. Here are the four main
    reasons why a WordPress backup solution is critical:

    1. Safeguard your WordPress site against human error

    Humans make mistakes. It’s a fact of life. While some mistakes have minimal real-life consequences, some mistakes can be devastating if you don’t have a reliable contingency plan in place. When it comes to websites, a seemingly minor action can result in losing critical company files, breaking the functionality of an important feature, or bringing your entire site down altogether.

    The preventable nature of many human errors can be frustrating to think about, but regardless of the scope or severity of the consequences, what matters most is how you move forward. And sometimes, moving forward literally means moving backward. With SiteCare’s WordPress backup solution in place, our team can turn back the clock to a time before that human error was

    2. Ensure safe WordPress updates

    The open-source nature of WordPress has allowed this website platform to flourish over the years, but this strength comes with one major challenge — compatibility. For your website to function correctly, your WordPress core software must coexist peacefully with your theme and plugins.

    Unfortunately, if you’re using an ancient WordPress theme or a plugin that has been abandoned by its developer, you may run into trouble when trying to update your site. Outdated themes and plugins can conflict with other plugins or they might simply be incompatible with the latest version of WordPress core. At best, a botched WordPress update results in a minor site feature no longer working. At worst, it could mean completely breaking your site.

    That’s why SiteCare makes sure our customers’ WordPress sites have been recently backed up before rolling out any software updates.

    3. Restore a compromised or hacked WordPress site

    WordPress hacks and malware are a website owner’s worst nightmare. They can destroy and corrupt your site files, endanger visiting customers, and damage the credibility of your business. At SiteCare, we monitor and eliminate security threats before they can take root, and our WordPress backup solution ensures that any damage done is swiftly reverted.

    4. Test site changes using a staging environment

    While our WordPress backup service allows you to triage in emergency WordPress situations caused by human error, it’s also designed to prevent site-breaking human errors from occurring in the first place. How? With the ability to set up staging environments for testing site changes before going live. A staging environment is a dupe of your live website that is generated from a backed up copy of your site files. Because this staging site is hosted on private URL that is inaccessible to the public, you can use this environment to test development and design changes without compromising the functionality and user experience of your live site.

    A WordPress support plan from SiteCare is the perfect holistic solution for not only safely backing up your site, but also making sure it is properly updated and secured.