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What is Crowd Manufacturing?

The shortest and most efficient watchmaking system. Shorter than any crowdfunding and direct-to-consumer model because it’s factory direct.

What is Crowd Manufacturing?

The shortest and most efficient watchmaking system. Shorter than any crowdfunding and direct-to-consumer model because it’s factory direct.

The Benefits of Crowd Manufacturing

More value. Less Price

Affordable Collecting


Factory direct

Transparent & Sustainable

Deep Dive

The Factor

Choose Your Role

Check out the design intention and the creator’s vision. Then choose how to support and how to be be rewarded.


Commits to the maker and project at concept-design intention stage

Kick-starts the project for the entire community

Gets the COST price


Commits at public release stage when the watch design is final

Supports the community by ensuring that the low prices remain viable for the creator and the manufacturer

Gets the WHOLESALE price

The Process

Angels Pre-Sale

Order at design intention stage

Limited Seats


Participate and Define

Open to all

Public Pre-Sale

Order the watch when it’s final

Open to all

Your Manufacturer

Your Manufacturer

We’re a family owned Swiss watch manufacturer since 1979. We grew to what we are today by listening to our customers and by anticipating the market with new technologies and methods. We produce in-house and under one roof. We employ more than 200 passionate and skilled watchmakers, engineers, technicians, CNC operators, polishers, QC experts, after sales experts and logistics experts.

Meet some of your watchmakers

Each of us has an average of 16 years watchmaking experience. We consider ourselves to be more than an industrial entity. We are a family and we feel accountable for our work and the socio-economic role of our company.


I am machining your watch cases. My job is to make sure that the engineering tolerances are respected. My machine is your machine.


When your watch case needs to be finished with and optimal polishing of the sides, inside the lugs or on the bezel this is my job I do with skill and patience.


The assembly of a case is a critical phase. The subsequent quality and water-resistance of the watch depends on it, and you can depend on me that the ATMs will be respected.


I take care of the of the aesthetic and functional control of your watch before it undergoes any subsequent treatment, or is delivered to you. I have a good a critical spirit and a sharp eye.


My task is to assemble watches by hand, making sure that no dust and no imperfection remain inside it and that air and water tests are passed. It’s a serious job requiring passion and dedication.I seriously like it.


I receive the design from the Creator and develop the watch construction to make sure the technical, production and cost requirements are met. Technical drawings and CNC programming are my output.


I am your customer service Angel. Your requests and service needs are handled by me. When a customer is happy and reassured it makes my day.


My work is final QC. I carry out all quality tests, including water-resistancy and aesthetic conformity. Only if I approve, a watch wil be shipped.


I use my scanner like James Bond uses his pistol. Your order is picked, packed and shipped by me. I make sure that you get the right thing at the right time.


I am a leather artisan and I produce your straps. I use traditional methods and sustainably tanned leathers. My straps are made by hand and made to last.

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